Who We Are

Who is Centric you might ask? Where do we start? Shall we begin with the Brown Paper Co. or perhaps our merger with Glenwood FCU or the fact that we changed our name from Forest Kraft to Centric? Fast forward a bit with our expansion into Lincoln Parish and then some! Seem excited? It's because we are!

We have a long history in North East Louisiana of predecessors who envisioned great things for every-day people, just like you. Our area is over-flowing with greatness like those incredibly neat planes you fly in from time-to-time when you visit your long-lost cousin known as Delta. Oh, and wait, Monroe housed one of the first businesses to ever bottle one of the most awesome refreshing beverages known only as the leading brand in the world..yeah, you guessed it, Coca Cola. And finally, who'd have ever thought a game of telephone would inspire one of the largest tele-communications and technological companies in the world, CenturyLink? These opportunities are right here in our town.

Did you expect Centric to be any different? We can't let our predecessors down which is why we developed a philosophy based upon service that helps you bank better and ultimately live better, too.

So while we bleed Coca-Cola, fly Delta and sometimes you have to tame our Cajun flare, our mission is to find the best products that fit your specific needs and make your moolah work for you and of course NOT vice versa. No need in worrying about the amount of dollar bills in your account but rather, we take you as you are!

We're not a fly-by-night financial institution that sneaks in and steals your money when you aren't looking yet we do love burning the midnight oil to ensure we help you bank better. We ARE grounded in more than 76 years of opportunity that led with purpose and passion to build your family on what matters most to you. Centric can promise you'll not only bank better but you can live better and with confidence, too.

So, I challenge you to keep us at our word. Starting now! All we need is ........ wait for it ....... You!

CENTRIC's Core Values


We recognize our responsibility to act with vision mindful of the effects of our actions on our members' futures.


We strive to demonstrate our commitment to ethical treatment of our members and our credit union, which will directly affect our future.


We are committed to the establishment and retention of mutually beneficial long term relationships with our members, business partners, volunteers, and employees.


We value our members, employees, and co-workers, and we realize the privilege we have in serving them and working for them in the institution of which we are also members.


We recognize the need for change and being proactive in creating new ideas that improve the lives of the members we serve.


Our dedication to competence requires not only constant learning, but also that we continually assess our ability to appropriately and effectively address the needs of the members we serve.


We commit to performing our job responsibilities with much energy and enthusiasm, to enhance the positive banking experience of our members and increase the satisfaction of our jobs.