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Budget-Friendly Vacations: Stay Local and Enjoy Unforgettable Fun

June 1, 2024

by Kimberley Roberson

What if an epic vacation in a faraway place is just not in the cards for you this year? You can still make amazing memories with family or friends by staying local and participating in the trend of the “staycation.” This novel idea of staying home and making your local getaway brilliant and exciting can be just as rewarding.


With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, taking a break is essential. However, vacations don’t always require traveling far or spending a fortune. Staycations—vacations spent at home or nearby—can be just as exciting and rejuvenating as any far-flung adventure. Here’s how to make your staycation exciting and memorable:


 Plan Ahead


Planning is key to a successful staycation. Decide on the dates, and make a list of activities and places you want to explore. This gives you something to look forward to and helps avoid the temptation to slip back into everyday routines. Avoid falling back into your daily routine—this is crucial.


Transform Your Home


Create a vacation vibe at home. Clean and declutter your space to make it feel like a hotel. Add fresh flowers, scented candles, and new bedding to enhance the atmosphere. Consider setting up a cozy outdoor space with fairy lights and comfortable seating for evening relaxation. Summerize your home and incorporate the kids into this project for added fun.


 Be a Tourist in Your Own Town


Often, we overlook the attractions in our own backyard. Use your staycation as an opportunity to explore local museums, parks, and landmarks. Visit new restaurants or food trucks you haven’t tried before. Look up guided tours or historical walks in your area. Rediscovering your hometown can be just as thrilling as exploring a new city. This is a great way to create memories with friends or children while supporting local businesses.


 Theme Days


Make each day of your staycation unique by assigning different themes. Have a beach day with a backyard pool, sandpit, and tropical drinks. Plan a movie marathon day with your favorite films and plenty of snacks. Host a spa day with DIY facials, massages, and a relaxing bath. Themed days add variety and excitement to your staycation. A creative menu only adds spark and fun!


For example, if you’re having a movie marathon night with classic 80s and 90s movies such as: (my personal favorites)  When Harry Met Sally, Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, and The Sandlot, create a menu that includes:


Pastrami on Rye (When Harry Met Sally)

Salad with Dressing on the Side (When Harry Met Sally)

Fried Sea Bass or Raptor Ribs (Jurassic Park)

Hamburgers and Hotdogs (The Sandlot)

S’mores (The Sandlot)

Tab, Vanilla Coke, and Chocolate Milk (Back to the Future)

Amber Jello (Jurassic Park)

Pecan Pie (When Harry Met Sally)


Each food item on the menu corresponds with one of the movies, adding a fun and nostalgic touch. It’s also a great way to bond with your children by introducing them to movies from your childhood.


 Unplug and Unwind


Treat your staycation like a real vacation by unplugging from work and daily stressors. Set an out-of-office message for your email, avoid checking work messages, and focus on relaxation and enjoyment. This mental break is crucial for recharging and staying engaged with your vacation.


 Savor Local Culture


Explore the cultural side of your town. Attend local theater performances, art exhibitions, or music festivals. Engage with local artists and craftsmen, and perhaps even take a class to learn a new skill. Immersing yourself in local culture can provide enriching and memorable experiences. These experiences are doubly beneficial because they are local and can be enjoyed year-round.


By thoughtfully planning and engaging in diverse activities, your staycation can be a refreshing and exciting experience. Remember, the goal is to break away from routine and create lasting memories. With a bit of creativity, your local getaway can be just as brilliant and exciting as any destination vacation, perhaps even more so!



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