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Fee Schedule

Membership Fee
Membership Application Fee$3
Per Value of One Share $5
Share Savings Accounts
Basic Savings and Kidz Saver3 Free withdrawals per month
$5/transaction if more than 2 withdrawals
Santa / Vacation SaversEarly withdrawal penalty of $15
Checking Accounts
Basic Checking 1 Free per Member
Additional Basic Checking Account(s)$6/month if balance falls below $500
Max Money Checking$8/month if balance falls below $2,500
$5/withdrawals over two (2)
Other Account Fees
NSF (Paid or Returned)$28/item
Overdraft Transfer$5 per transfer
Stop Payment (checks & ACH)$28/item
Stop Payment (Bill Payer Item)$30/request
Deposited Item Return$28/item (for consumer)
$5/item (for business account)
Account Closed within 90 days$5
Inactive Savings Account*$3/month
*Applies to Members with no activity for 1 year, a total relationship of less than $200, and/or no active loan.
Account Reconciliation$20/hour
Account Research$20/hour
Statement Copy$5/copy
Additional $0.50 if mailed
Account Activity Update$3/printout (plus an additional $0.50 if mailed)
Check PhotocopiesFirst ten (10) are free, Subsequent copies $3/check
Bill Payer Payment Photocopies$15/item
Legal Process $25/item
Wire Transfer (Domestic) $8/incoming, $15/outgoing
Wire Transfer (Foreign) $40/outgoing
Photo copies $0.25/Page
Debit Card/ATM Fees
ATM Withdrawal/Transfer $1/item at nonproprietary ATMs
Additional/replacement cards 2 Free then $5/card
Basic Business Checking FREE
Business Checking Plus $12/month if balance falls below $2,500
Business Money Market $12/month if balance falls below $4,000
Processed Basic Business Checking items 200 Free per month then $0.25/item
Processed Business Checking Plus items 300 Free per month then $0.25/item
Business Money Market transactions 6 Free per month then $5/additional transfer/withdrawal
Other Service Fees
Check Cashing $5/check if member does not have a checking, loan or $200 balance in shares
Money Order $2/order
Official Check $5/check
Fax Service $3
Checks Made Payable to Others $5/check
Change of Ownership $5/item
Return Address $5/month
P.O. Notification Update Address $1
Tax Levy $25/assessment
Loan Processing Fees
Unsecured & Share Loan$35
Secured Loan$50
Safe Deposit Box Fees
Annual Rental Size 3x5$20/year
Annual Rental Size 5x5$25/year
Annual Rental Size 3x10$30/year
Annual Rental Size 5x10$50/year
Annual Rental Size 10x10$80/year
Change of LocksCost incurred
Drilling of BoxesCost incurred
Complimentary Services
Vehicle PricingFREE
Notary ServiceFREE (Optional: $5 donation to Scholarship Fund)
Telephone BankingFREE
MyCentric Online Banking AccessFREE
Bill Payer Payments/AccessFREE
Medallion StampFREE
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