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Welcome to our all new Live Better by Centric FCU Podcast!

Episode 108: Debt: What You Need to Know

  Debt: What you Need to Know with Special Guest Laura Hawthorne What is debt? Debt is money owed or borrowed. Many might say there is such a thing as good debt and bad debt. What’s the difference? This podcast addresses...

Episode 107: All Things Credit

  All Things Credit What is credit? Why is it important? Questions like this are asked all the time. You may be wondering the same thing or even have questions like: What makes up a credit score? or How can I improve my...

Episode 106: Vacation Better

  Vacation Better Organization is key when it comes to vacationing. Whether it is just a girls’ trip, a couple’s getaway, or an entire family vacation, planning will make for a stress free, well deserved time away. There...

Episode 105: Financial Tips in Times of Crisis

    Financial Tips in Times of Crisis During such an uncertain time, there is a lot of change. Change within your family, your work life, your finances, and even socially. These changes can be difficult, let Centric be...

Episode 103: Mortgages and Home Buying

  Mortgages and Home Buying Homeownership is a large goal for a lot of families. Casey and Kathy share a little about mortgages and the process you must go through to buy a home. They discuss how to apply for a mortgage and...

Episode 102: Savings and Debt Management

  Savings and Debt Management Don’t let savings and tackling debt be an intimidating topic. Create a plan and stick to it. A structured savings strategy and the determination to pay off unwanted debt will quickly guide you...

Episode 101: Financial Overview

  Financial Overview Kicking off a whole new decade, Kelli and Casey discuss financial accomplishments and reflect over the previous decade. As they reflect ideas, solutions are shared to help listeners and readers...

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