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Don’t Let a Bank Boss You Around

Centric is a financial cooperative, owned and operated by its members.

As a Centric member, you own a share that represents your ownership in the Credit Union. This share provides you with the ability to vote at the shareholders’ annual meeting in elections and other matters presented to the membership.


It’s Easy to Join

Membership is open to anyone who lives, works, worships, or even studies in Ouachita or Lincoln
Parishes — or any businesses and other legal entities located in Ouachita and Lincoln Parishes.*

You can become a Member of Centric simply by depositing and maintaining $5 in a Centric savings account and paying a one-time membership fee of $3.

*To qualify for membership by worshiping or studying in Ouachita or Lincoln Parish, the individual must physically be in the community. Virtual options do not qualify for membership.


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