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Avoiding & Fighting Fraud

Easy steps to take to fight and report fraudulent messages and calls

If you receive an unexpected call or text message that you suspect may be fraudulent, please call or text Centric at 318.340.9656 to report suspicious activity.



Never give out your personal info such as online banking creditials including usernames and/or passwords via phone or text.

Centric will never ask you to call us at any number other than 318.340.9656. Below is an example of a fraudlent message:

Fraud Alerts from Centric will include branded messaging and will look similar to this:

FreeMsg: Centric FCU Fraud Ctr: 18559611602 Case (Case Number) Did you attempt $XXX at XXX with (last 4 of your card)?

Do not click on links that you are not expecting.

We highly recommend reporting these numbers as spam to your mobile carrier. With most major carriers, this can be done by forwarding suspicious messages to 7726 (SPAM).

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