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Centric for Employers

Centric is pleased to offer Live Better, a financial wellness program to engage and empower Northeast LA and the surrounding communities.

1. Discovery

Schedule a free consultation with our Community Partner Specialist. We create a program that’s specific to your company’s needs.

2. Employee Financial Engagement

Employees receive one-on-one financial reviews with our on-staff Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors. A free credit report is offered to each staff member along with a game plan to take back their finances!

3. Action And Implementation

Centric will support and engage your staff with its on-site financial workshops, personal management tools and resources.

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This Is How We Support You And Your Employees

Help Your Employees Live Better Financially


of American workers say financial stress is their most common cause of stress.


of Americans report having serious financial problems.


of Americans do not have a retirement account.


of companies are likely to expand benefits to promote financial well-being.

Stressful employees cost employers $1,000 more each year in additional healthcare costs and other factors.


of HR professionals consider wellness programs to be one of the most important choices to increase engagement.


Centric’s Live Better Program Provides Financial Wellness To Your Employees At No Cost To You – To Make Life Better For Your Employees And Your Bottom Line.

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