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We love sharing money lessons with our members!

Benefits to Choosing Centric

by Carmen Gonzalez When choosing the financial institution that you are going to do the majority of your business with, you want to make sure that it is a place that is going to benefit you. You can choose a place that sees you as another customer to get in and out,...

Protecting Your Future

by Carmen Gonzalez From your loved ones to your finances, it is important to have plans in place to protect what is important to you. Making safety plans can vary depending on your personal situation, but there are some things we all can put into practice. When doing...

Auto Shopping and Financing with Centric

by Carmen Gonzalez Shopping for a new vehicle and choosing how to finance it can be a stressful situation. One quick way to make it easier is to do business with someone you know and trust. When you are shopping for a new vehicle, you want to know that you are getting...

Relationships and Your Finances

by Carmen Gonzalez When spring rolls in, the weather warms, plants begin to blossom and grow, and many people start taking their relationships to the next level. Our social media feeds fill with engagement pictures, and our schedules become busy with celebrations and...

Your Guide to Home-Buying

by Carmen Gonzalez As a new year rolls in, we all have a habit of setting goals. Homeownership tends to be one of the big financial goals we all have, but sometimes feel like more of a burden than a blessing. Renting is a great option for people who know that they are...


by Carmen Gonzalez   As a new year rolls in, we all have a habit of setting resolutions for things we want to change. Why not set goals for ourselves? Goals have a tendency to stick for longer than the first month of the year. Resolutions make us feel like if we...

Tax Prep: Don’t Be Afraid!

by Carmen Gonzalez   Tax filing time can seem like a nightmare, but you can make it a little easier if you prepare ahead of time. From making a checklist on what you will need to keeping things organized throughout the year, filing your taxes can be easy if you...

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