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We love sharing money lessons with our members!

Your Guide to Home-Buying

by Carmen Gonzalez As a new year rolls in, we all have a habit of setting goals. Homeownership tends to be one of the big financial goals we all have, but sometimes feel like more of a burden than a blessing. Renting is a great option for people who know that they are...


by Carmen Gonzalez   As a new year rolls in, we all have a habit of setting resolutions for things we want to change. Why not set goals for ourselves? Goals have a tendency to stick for longer than the first month of the year. Resolutions make us feel like if we...

Tax Prep: Don’t Be Afraid!

by Carmen Gonzalez   Tax filing time can seem like a nightmare, but you can make it a little easier if you prepare ahead of time. From making a checklist on what you will need to keeping things organized throughout the year, filing your taxes can be easy if you...

Credit Cards and Personal Loans

by Carmen Gonzalez   Your credit score says a lot about you and how you handle your money. Financial institutions, insurance agents, utility companies, and others will take a look at this score when deciding if they can trust you with their service. Knowing what...

Keeping the Holidays Budget-Friendly

by Carmen Gonzalez   The holidays are quickly approaching and our list of to-do’s to prepare is quickly growing! Our advice on holiday prep: Start with your budget first! Budgets are known to change during the holiday season because life is simply different...

All About Mobile Banking

by Carmen Gonzalez   Mobile banking has become a necessity in today’s world. Being able to control your money from anywhere at any time has become more important than ever before. Whether from your phone or online, you can do so much more than just check your...

Buying A Vehicle: What You Need to Know

by Casey Messer Buying a car can sometimes be hard, but it does not have to be. If you are struggling to find a starting place, your credit union serves as a resource or guide to see the whole process through. With all the emotions that go into buying a vehicle, it...

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