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Sprout Kids

Introducing Sprout — Our all new program just for kids!

Meet Sprout! Specially designed for kidseleven and under, our new Sprout program offers a quarterly newsletter, savings incentives, great kid-friendly activities and more.









Be on the lookout for Sprout at various community events and more – Click here to view our Calendar of Events!




Click below to download our all new Sprout Cents quarterly newsletter. Each quarter, we’ll bring you savings tips, fun activities and so much more! If you’d like to get Sprout Cents mailed to you, simply open up a Kidz Saver account today!

Summer 2024 – NEW!
Spring 2024 
Winter 2024
Fall 2023
Summer 2023

Spring 2023
Winter 2023
Fall 2022
Back-to-School 2022
Winter 2022
Fall 2021



Halloween Coloring Sheet
Mask Up! Coloring Sheet
Stay Cool! Coloring Sheet
Sprout Connect-the-Dots
Sprout’s Savings Crossword Puzzle
Super Sprout Coloring Sheet
Copy Sprout
Help Sprout Get Home Maze
Make Your Own Chlorophyll Painting
Design Your Own Dollar
Solve Sprout’s Hidden Picture
Sprout’s Money Magic Coloring Sheet
Sprout’s Money Magic Maze
Unleash the Power of Saving at Centric
Help Sprout Find His Safari Hat!



For every $10 you deposit into your Kidz Saver account, you’ll get your Sprout Super Saver Card punched. Once your card is full, drop it off at any Centric location to be entered to win an awesome prize! Each month, we’ll draw one name to win a prize pack containing things like movie tickets, gift cards, cool Centric gear and so much more… maybe even some cash! Pick up your punch card today at any Centric location to get started.



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