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Spring Clean Your Finances

April 2, 2019

  • Start with your budget
    • Go over your spending for the last several months
    • Adjust your budget if you come to a problem spending area
  • Clean up your accounts
    • Consolidate or organize your accounts
    • Get rid of unused accounts or any that may be charging you a fee
  • Opt for less paper
    • Choose the paperless billing option to cut back on mounds of paper
  • Check your withholdings
    • If you are receiving a large return every year, you are allowing someone else to have access, interest free to your money!
    • Adjust your withholdings accordingly so you can keep more of the money you earn throughout the year which allows you more opportunity to earn dividends!
  • Create a home inventory
    • Having an inventory will make it easier to replace items in the event of a disaster.
  • Check up on insurance coverage
    • Review your policies
    • Upgrade or ensure you have proper coverage
  • Shop around for the best rates (CTA)
    • Check your cell phones rates, cable, auto insurance
    • Not only check for the cheapest, most covered services but also look at your checking and savings accounts.
    • Make sure you are earning the most possible on your money.
    • For a checking account that pays you, visit MyCentric.org.

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