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Wisdom from Centric Grandparents

Sep 7, 2018

Grandparents are a little bit parents, a little bit teachers and a little bit best friends. – Unknown

Grandparents have worked their whole lives to make a better place for their families to carry on their legacy. They are an inspiration for us all. Cherish every moment spent with Grandparents and take advantage of the wisdom they have to offer. Make your appreciation known by honoring your Grandparents every day.

We were able to chat with some pretty cool grandparents from Centric and got more insight on what being a grandparent means to them.

Mrs. Melissa Stringer, Centric’s Member Services processor, expressed, “I first became a grandparent in 2007 when my oldest daughter, Tabatha married her husband who had two children.” Melissa generally loves everything about being a grandparent. Unconventional love for those kiddos and seeing experiences through their eyes tops it all. Knowing her grand kids truly feel she is the fixer of every problem and partner in crime is huge to this grandmother!

Mrs. Melissa gave a few tips for first time grandparents.  “My advice would be to just embrace the new chapter in life. As parents, we often get caught up in life and couldn’t always just stop and play. Bake cookies, play in the rain, stay in your jammies because there’s a sick little one or get dressed and have that tea party with your fine China!”

How awesome it is to have these ladies on our team at Centric as they continue to pour their wisdom over us! Mrs. Joleen Martin, Centric’s SVP, Chief Operations Officer first became a grandparent on August 22, 2013 at 11:15 AM.  She explained that being in the delivery room with her daughter-in-love and son waiting on the arrival of my first grand baby as she (Jordan) entered into the real world was one of the fondest memories as being a grandparent. “Being there as Jordan entered this world and hearing her first cry was no doubt love at first sight”, says Mrs. Joleen.

Mrs. Joleen added, “If you are given the opportunity to attend the medical appointments, do so. What a feeling to watch God’s creation right before your eyes. I was so blessed to be able to attend several of the appointments with both my first and second grandchild.”

Grandparents, we’d like to let you know how much we truly appreciate you! 

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