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Auto Refinancing

Get More From Your Loan by Refinancing with Centric

Beat Your Rate or Lower Your Payment

Rates change all the time, and so do credit scores! When Centric reviews your car loan details, we can determine whether we can help you lower your monthly payment or save you money on interest by refinancing.


Help With Your Vehicle and Payment Protection

At Centric, our goal is to help you Live Better. Many people find that our GAP, Payment Protection, and Vehicle Service Contracts cost much less than what the dealership can offer.


Request an Auto Loan Review

If you didn’t get your auto loan through Centric, you may be paying too much! A better rate can mean a lower payment and overall savings, in turn helping you Live Better! Our auto loan specialists are experts at uncovering hidden fees and markups and can look at your current loan details to see where we might be able to save you money.


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