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5 Rules to Follow When Buying Your First Home

March 11, 2024

by Kimberley Roberson

Embarking on purchasing your first home is an exhilarating milestone, filled with dreams of the future. However, this adventure can quickly become daunting due to potential snags that can strain your budget and dull your homeownership experience.  Here are 5 rules to remember as  a first-time home buyer. Use these rules as a guide to keep your finances healthy while purchasing a new home.


Rule no. 1 Don’t Overlook Additional Costs


Beyond the sticker price of a new home lies a myriad of additional expenses, from closing costs and property taxes to insurance and maintenance fees. These can add up to a significant sum, surprising first-time buyers. To avoid this nickel and dimed chaos, create a comprehensive budget that includes these extra costs. Consult with a financial advisor or use online calculators to estimate these expenses accurately. By doing this, you have a realistic picture of the total cost of homeownership. This is important!


 Rule no. 2. Don’t Skip the Home Inspection


Forgoing a professional home inspection in a bid to cut costs or speed up the buying process is a gamble that rarely pays off. Hidden issues like structural damage, outdated electrical systems, or plumbing problems can result in hefty repair bills down the line. Investing in a thorough inspection upfront can save you from unexpected and often substantial expenses. Take your time.  Slow the emotions down, and resist the urge to gamble on the inspection. This action will help safeguard your balance and wellness.


 Rule no 3.  Don’t Fall for the “Perfect Home” Trap


Don’t be swept away by a home that checks every box on your wishlist, but by purchasing a property that stretches your financial limits you place yourself in a precarious position financially.  So, instead of pursuing the “perfect home”, look for a “good enough” house that meets your essential needs without compromising your financial stability. Remember, you can always make upgrades over time as your budget allows.


Rule no.  4. Don’t Underestimate DIY Costs


Many first-time buyers opt for fixer-uppers, attracted by their lower price points and the allure of customizing the space. However, they underestimate the cost and effort of renovations, a rookie mistake. Before committing to a project, get detailed quotes from contractors or thoroughly research DIY costs. Ensure yourself  of a realistic understanding regarding how much  time, money, and work  will be required to transform the property into what you want.


 Rule no. 5 Don’t Neglect Long-Term Considerations


Choosing a home based solely on your current circumstances without considering future needs can lead to costly moves or renovations later. Think about long-term factors like family expansion, job stability, and the home’s resale value. Use our futuristic mind set and opt for a house that can grow with you and life’s adventures.



Ultimately, purchasing your first home should be an exciting adventure,  not a financial panic. By being mindful of these rules and adopting a patient and informed approach, you can make a wise investment. An investment which aligns with your dreams and your budget. Remember, patience, research, and planning are your best allies. Life happens, but if you come to this home-buying adventure with these rules in your pocket you will avoid these 5 mistakes rookies make in buying their first home.


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