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From House to Home

Sep 10, 2021

by Carmen Gonzalez

Mortgage rates have been low for a while now which has encouraged more and more people to buy a new house. With more people in the market to buy a new house, it has become super important to be prepared before you start looking at houses or put in an offer. The Centric mortgage team are experts on the best way to finance your new home, what you will qualify for, and how to make the journey of home-buying easier on you.

Before you talk to a realtor or look at any houses, you need to schedule a pre-approval meeting so you are fully prepared for how much you can afford. You can easily schedule a pre-approval meeting with a Centric mortgage loan originator by visiting MyCentric.org, call 318-340-9656, or stop by any of our five locations. A scheduled appointment is not required; but if you schedule a pre-approval, you can find out what all you need to bring with you to your meeting beforehand so you can quickly get a pre-approval answer at your meeting. During the pre-approval meeting, you will find out how much you qualify for; and if you don’t get the approval you want, our mortgage loan originators are also Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors who can tell you what you need to do to get the home you want.

If you are hesitant to meet with a Centric mortgage loan originator because you have been denied before, you can be hopeful to get an approval this time because Centric has multiple mortgage programs for people that cannot be approved for a conventional loan. When you meet with a Centric mortgage loan originator to get a pre-approval, they will tell you what financing options are good options for you; and they will advise you on what option will be the best for your budget.

After you get your pre-approval and start looking at houses, you want to be mindful to protect your credit and tighten your budget. Your pre-approval is determined based off of your credit score and history, so you want to minimize any fluctuation as much as possible. Do not open any new lines of credit or apply for loans, and be mindful of how much money you are spending. From closing costs to various loan fees, you want to make sure that you have money put away so you can breeze through your home-buying journey and make your dream house into your home.

Home-buying can seem like a gigantic goal to achieve, but a Centric mortgage loan originator can help you make it a reality. They are the experts, and they want to be there for you throughout the entire journey. From learning how much you can afford to signing off at closing, the Centric mortgage loan originators are there for you to answer all of your questions.


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