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Kick Off the Year With 6 Secrets to Savings

January 4, 2017

1-Make a Budget

  • Be good to yourself
  • Work not only for your family but also to enjoy life’s treasures, too!
  • Reward yourself in ways in which you can afford

2-Use Wi-Fi when available

  • Some of us cannot help ourselves and see our phone as an appendage!
  • Whether leisure or work, check to see if a secure Wi-Fi is available
  • The savings can be staggering depending on your usage

3-Take Your Lunch to Work or Start a Pot Luck Lunch Crew

  • Plan a pot luck where everyone brings a food item
  • Crock Pot meals are always a go
  • Make it fun with ‘Left-Over Lounge’ and encourage your coworkers to bring their leftovers to lunch from the night before!

4-Plan a Family Date Night at Home

  • During your grocery trips pick up a few items to for a family friendly meal everyone can participate in preparation
  • You’ll find memories are made no matter where you are or what you’re doing
  • Simple is best!

5-Enroll in a Kasasa Checking account with a Saver and earn money monthly without making a transfer

  • Cash Back sweeps right into your Savings each month
  • The following month you will earn a dividend
  • Continuously save without any effort!

6-Workout for Free (always consult your doctor is you’re just getting started)

  • Personal training is great; workout facilities are too.
  • Their monthly fees can be costly with extensive contract periods
  • Check out the local park and take a friend along for a run
  • YouTube a workout based around your level of ability

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