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Vacation Better with Centric

February 18, 2022

by Carmen Gonzalez

While we are settling into the routine of colder weather, many of us are looking forward to the sunshine and freedom of summertime. As you start planning your vacations, you can Vacation Better with Centric’s products and services. You can also check out our podcast this month where we talk to Centric’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Member Engagement and the infamous camping queen, Kelli Green.

When you are getting ready to plan for your vacation, knowing when and where you are going will dictate the biggest part of the cost. If you are wanting to save money, you can find great deals when traveling to places during their off season because they are trying to draw people to their area. Whether you’re traveling during peak times or during the off season, you can also find deals for excursions and attractions if you do some research beforehand. Making a plan on what you will do when you get to where you are going can help you make a plan on how much extra money you will need to save outside of the cost of your lodging.

Once you know the total amount that you will need, you can use these Centric accounts and services to make the most of your vacation:

  • Vacation Club Savings Account – Using the Vacation Club savings account allows you to save your money while keeping your goal top of mind. With this account your money grows quicker because you earn a higher rate than the Basic Savings account. It also provides added accountability to leave the money in the account because if you withdraw before it is transferred for you the first week of April, you will be charged a penalty.




Beyond how Centric can help you Vacation Better, Kelli  shared these great tips on how to make the most of every vacation:

  • Do your research.
    • Read blogs, look for reviews, and google the top things to do in the area that you are visiting.
    • If you are a fellow camper, check out the Louisiana State Park website for great spots and Kelli’s camping group’s YouTube channel, Can’t. We’re Camping.


  • Travel with friends and family.
    • For extra memories and a cut in costs, travel with groups of your favorite people.
    • Work together everyone to find things everyone will enjoy and to learn more about people from other cultures and backgrounds.


  • Get the kids involved.
    • Help your kids choose souvenirs they will want to buy beforehand and show them how to save the money needed. Teach them about savings account by putting their money in a Youth Savings account.
    • Make history, science, and education in general come to life by making learning fun while away from home. Kelli’s top suggestions were visit museums, go on nature walks, and cook meals together.


Whether you’re traveling across the country or going on a weekend trip, you can make the most of your adventure without braking the bank by allowing Centric to help you Vacation Better. If you’re ready to join Kelli’s camping crew and need to buy a RV, Centric can help you find and finance the one that best fits for your family. Or if you are headed to lay out on the sands of your favorite beach, Centric can help you stay worry-free and in control of your money with Shared Branching and the MyCentric Mobile App.


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