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Welcome to the Family, DOTD Members!

At Centric, you’ll not only live better, but you can ensure you’ll bank better, too.

Welcome to the Centric Family! From fun, educational workshops to personal one-on-one guidance; we strive to provide the best, most consistent service and solutions to everyone who walks through our doors to help them live their best life.


How do I access online banking?
Visit www.MyCentric.org and click ‘Login’ to access online banking. Use your existing Username to login. For the password, enter the last 4 digits of the primary member’s SSN. This is a one-time password, so be prepared to create a new password with the first sign-in to online banking.


Will my account be combined with accounts at Centric?
No, we will keep these accounts separate unless the DOTD member would like to merge them under one account.


Does Centric offer IRAs?
Yes – Centric offers both Roth and Traditional IRAs as well as IRA CDs. If you currently have an IRA at DOTD, the IRA will earn Centric’s current rate of .896%.


Will I get a new Debit Card?
Yes! In fact, you will receive a new debit card prior to August 3, 2020. Once activated, you may begin using your new debit card on August 3, 2020.


If I already have Bill Pay, will I be able to access my account?
Please contact Centric to discuss Bill Pay Options.


What’s my account number at Centric?
Your new account number with Centric will be 8 numbers and start with the number 8. For example – account number 1234 at DOTD is now 80001234.


Will my Auto Transfers occur automatically to my new Centric account?
We’re taking care of these for you. Feel free to call us to verify what we have set up and to make any changes that you’d like!


Will my scheduled Direct Deposit credit to my Centric account?
Yes, indeed! If you have any questions, please reach out to us at (318) 340-9656.


If I have an automatic payment for a loan(s), will the payment post as agreed?
Yes! The loan payment will be posted as agreed upon. To verify, feel free to contact us and one of our Centric Representatives will answer any questions you may have.


Will I still be able to use my DOTD checks on my account?
Yes and upon your request, as a gift, we will order 1 box of Centric checks, complimentary. Contact us to receive free order.


The MyCentric Mobile App provides a Center in the palm of your hand. Your own personal banker! The app allows you to make transfers to your Centric account, pay bills, schedule text alerts, keep you up to date on transactions on your accounts that affect your balance and even keep you on track of when bills are due! The possibilities are endless.

Click to download the MyCentric App from the Apple Store   Click to download the MyCentric App from Google Play

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