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Episode 101: Financial Overview

Jan 15, 2020 | Podcasts


Financial Overview

Kicking off a whole new decade, Kelli and Casey discuss financial accomplishments and reflect over the previous decade. As they reflect ideas, solutions are shared to help listeners and readers establish goals and reach success of your financial future.

Thinking about the goals accomplished over the last few years, Casey shares her story of how starting a new family has impacted her budget and how she prepared for this life changing event. She also elaborates on some large purchases made throughout the year. Casey discusses how she arrived where she is and what her financial history looks like and that it helped lead her to where she is now.

A growing family says a lot about a budget change. Kelli shares that she is a part of a family of 4 and things are different now when it comes to how her money is spent. Where before children, she may splurge on unnecessary outfits or shop throughout the week, she now says that no longer happens. Reflecting over the decade is something really cool as it encourages us to set new goals for 2020.

A new goal for a lot of people is paying off debt. Kelli and Casey discuss top tips when working to become debt free. Kelli shares her personal story of debt freedom as Casey adds in tips to help accomplish this. They discuss how a budget as well as an understanding of your debt is essential in accomplishing this goal.

“Setting goals by writing them down and sharing with others is a great way to make sure we achieve them”, says Kelli.

The focus in this podcast is to assess where you or your family is financially. Do you have a plan, do you have a savings? Do you know where you are headed financially? These are the questions to keep top of mind when coming into a new year.

A great resource to help get you started with a budget, taking a look at your credit report or even establishing financial goals is sitting with a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor. To schedule an appointment, click here, call us at 318-340-9656, or visit one of our 5 Centric locations.



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