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Episode 104: Financial Tips with COVID-19 Updates – Stimulus Checks and Unemployment

April 14, 2020



Financial Tips with COVID-19 Updates: Stimulus Checks and Unemployment


While families across the country are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their stimulus checks, we’ve put together some information on what you can expect. In addition, we’ve provided some helpful tips on ways to spend your check that will benefit your financial future.

Listen as Kelli and Casey discuss eligibility, ways in which you can receive your payment and more. They address concerns around those who do not typically file a tax return and what the recommendations are for that situation.

Tips are shared on wise ways to spend the stimulus check payment that you may receive. Starting with contacting your lenders for opportunities during this time and been discussing creating a budget and establishing an emergency fund. Preparing for upcoming expenses is also a tip shared.

As updates come available, Centric strives to share them with you to keep everyone up to date on the latest surrounding your finances.

For more information and the latest official information, check out the Internal Revenue Service’s website: https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus.


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