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Episode 105: Financial Tips in Times of Crisis

April 24, 2020



Financial Tips in Times of Crisis

During such an uncertain time, there is a lot of change. Change within your family, your work life, your finances, and even socially. These changes can be difficult, let Centric be there for you.

Listen as Kelli and Casey share tips to protect yourself financially from the impacts of COVID-19. Thinks like stimulus check updates, ways to serve your community, scams and more.

Stimulus checks are part of a change that impacts most Americans. Things like eligibility, ways to spend it and even how to receive it are common questions that several have related to those payments.

During this time, scams are also making their way into the lives of many. There are several new things and some old ways that scammers are working to steal your funds. Please be cautious of this and listen as we prepare you.

Through research we strive to share many of the resources that will help you in finding answers to your questions. If you have been impacted by COVID-19 due to loss of hours or having no income at all, please reach out.



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