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Episode 208: Wealth Planning with Summit Financial

August 5, 2021


Wealth Planning with Summit Financial featuring Special Guest Toni Crawford

Centric is proud to partner with Summit Financial to provide our members with access to experts in wealth advising, estate planning, and investing. As an additional way to help our members Live Better, you can go to any of Centric’s five locations or online at MyCentric.org to get connected with a Summit Financial Wealth Advisor. Summit Financial can assist anyone, no matter age or dollar amount. Centric’s partnership with Summit Financial comes as an added resource to reaching your financial hopes and dreams. If you’ve met with a Centric Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor and have gotten your budget and credit where you want it, you will want to continue to look towards what you want your future to hold. Summit Financial and Centric share the ultimate value and purpose of helping our community and members reach their goals and Live Better.

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