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10 Cyber Security Awareness Tips

July 28, 2018

Cyber security is a growing topic in today’s world. Identity fraud has decreased over the last few years because consumers are becoming more vigilant with their cyber security. Cyber security awareness can help prevent cyber attacks and identity fraud.

1) Businesses will never ask for personal information in an email.

2) Never click on links from unsolicited emails.

3) Never allow your computer to “remember” your password.

4) Do not use banking websites or apps when connected to public Wi-Fi.

5) Do not make online payments when connected to public Wi-Fi.

6) If you are suspicious of the person calling about an account of yours, ask for their name and extension and call back using the number you are familiar with for the business.

7) Be cautious of what information you share on social networks; hackers can use this information to help answer your security questions.

8) Use one credit card for all online purchases.

9) Be cautious of unsolicited email offers that seem too good to be true.

10) Ensure antivirus software is always up-to-date.


Tips to Create a Strong Password You’ll Actually Remember

  • Length is key! The longer the password, the longer time it will take to crack; recommended length is at least 12 characters
  • Mix and match character types and capitalization
  • Use a sentence or short phrase
  • Avoid names and places significant to you
  • Turn your favorite quote into an acronym



Everyone is taught that CPR can save your life, and here at Centric we believe following CPR can help save your identity. Our CPR is a little different than the norm though:

C – Credit Report

We encourage you to review your annual credit report. Centric provides each member a copy of their credit report annually. A loan officer is available to review the report with you as well!

P – Passwords

Having strong and secure passwords is crucial for protecting your identity. Change your password every 90 days. Don’t use the same password for every account. Never let your computer remember the password.

R – Review Your Bank Account

Keeping a close eye on your bank account can save you time and money! We encourage you to review your account daily by using the MyCentric Mobile App. Report any discrepancies immediately.

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