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All About Mobile Banking

September 24, 2020

by Carmen Gonzalez


Mobile banking has become a necessity in today’s world. Being able to control your money from anywhere at any time has become more important than ever before. Whether from your phone or online, you can do so much more than just check your account balances. From controlling your debit and credit cards to depositing a check from anywhere, mobile banking gives you the access and control of your money that you want. Centric is proud to offer mobile banking both through our website, MyCentric.org, as well as our MyCentric App.

Mobile banking with Centric is a secure way of managing where your money is going. The benefits are huge! When you use mobile banking, it gives you easy access to your money and accounts no matter where you are or what time it is. The convenience of using mobile banking allows you to be in charge of your money and take control of your budget.

Mobile banking offers you security by having multi-layer authentication. This means it requires you to have a password, as well as unique settings that confirm that only you are accessing your money. You can sign up for mobile banking by contacting a Centric representative online at MyCentric.org, by phone at 318.340.9656 or at any Centric location. When you set-up mobile banking, you can begin to transfer funds, make payments, set up account alerts, review where you spent your money, and so much more.

Did you know that mobile banking allows you to transfer money at any time between your own accounts or to another Centric member? It also gives you the control over your debit and credit cards by allowing you to turn them on and off at any point! In the event that your card was lost or stolen or your account was compromised, you can easily turn your card off and report it immediately. Mobile banking with Centric also allows you to deposit checks from your phone by simply taking a picture. It is an encrypted process, so your check is secure, and your money is put into the right account.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to sign up for Centric mobile banking and start living better today! With access to your accounts anytime, any day, Centric makes it easy to control your finances with just a few clicks of your fingertips. Click here to get started now!



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