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Assess for Success

January 3, 2019

Before diving further into assessing where you are in terms of debt, a fully funded emergency fund and paying into 401K, ensure you have taken a look and completed our financial to-do list!

Once you’ve tackled the tasks of checking your credit and managing a budget, it’s time to mark off the next few things on your financial checklist!

  • Eliminate debt | smallest to largest. Take some time to apply any left over money each month after bills are paid to put towards the debt with the lowest balance.
  • Increase emergency fund to 3 months of expenses. After all debt is paid down, except the mortgage, put any extra cash from daily or monthly spending toward the savings as a safe guard for the future
  • Contribute at least your company match into your 401k. Don’t miss out on this free money. If your company offers a match, take advantage and at least contribute that amount.

Assessing where you are financially is important in pushing towards success in your life at home and work! Eliminate the stress of money by making an every effort to complete this list! Just getting started? Look back at our blog post, Financial To-Do List.

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