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Financial To-Do List

Dec 20, 2018

Let this year be your year for financial freedom!

Interested in financial freedom or simply improving your current finances? There are a few house keeping things to check off your list this month to get your New Year started off in the right direction!

First, check your credit. Checking your credit allows verifying accuracy for every account. Having your credit report in front of you gives the opportunity for self-evaluation. You should look for things that may be hurting your credit or ways to improve it to set you up for success on future purchases.

Next, establish goals. Goals will help you create a financial journey you’re proud of. Think about where you want to be financially and how far away is that goal? What do you need to do or change in your finances to make this happen?

Finally, create a budget. Track your expenses to become more aware of where your money is going each month. Maintaining a budget will not only allow you to accomplish your goals but also help you exceed them! Establish savings opportunities by cutting spending. Evaluate the ways that you can cut back on daily spending or monthly bills like cable, eating out on a daily basis, online purchases, and more.

These first few steps will help jump start your year toward financial freedom! Check back later on this year to learn the next steps you can take for success!

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