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Creative Ways to Teach Your Kiddos About Money

Jun 17, 2019

Check out our tips that are a super fun way to teach your little ones about money!

Play Board Games

Classic board games like Monopoly (or Monopoly Junior) and Life teach kids about purchasing real estate, saving up for retirement, loans and more.  These games and more, teach kids the different values of bills and coins, how to handle money, and even economics.

Play Store

Purchase a toy cash register and set up a store using everyday items in your home. This is a great way to teach your little ones the basics of counting money and managing prices.

Bring them with you to Centric

Bringing your child along on your next trip to Centric and showing them how to make a deposit or withdraw money are great ways to show them how money and saving work. Kids LOVE our coin counter at our Thomas Road location! Let them empty their piggy bank and bring in their change to be counted and deposited into their account.

Let your kids tag along with you on your next trip to the grocery store. Allow them help you create a list and focus on sticking to a budget. Take it a step further by setting them up with couponing apps like Ibotta . Your kids can see how easily they can earn money just by doing their research and scanning receipts into the app. Giving them the money they’ve saved you is a great way to reward them for helping out.

Show them the value of time and giving to the less fortunate

Whether it’s donating a box of old toys or clothes they’ve outgrown, teaching kids the importance of giving back at a young age is important. Furthermore, let them participate in dropping off the donation themselves gives them a sense of pride in giving back.

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