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Maximize Savings for a Healthy Future

Nov 6, 2019 | Uncategorized

by Kelli Green

You may have heard the phrase, ‘money can by happiness’ and when money comes up short, it may leave you feeling unfulfilled or less important. From our experience at Centric, we know money can’t buy you happiness but when you have enough funds to A-manage a healthy budget, B-fund your savings accounts and C-remove debt, there’s something to SMILE about.

Here are the top tips to help put a little smile on your face and money back into your pocket.

  1. Establish a budget and review expenses-Your budget should include the full payment amount and payment due dates.
  2. Create a savings for things you desire-An emergency fund is priority #1 when getting on track financially-minimum savings, $1k before tackling any other goal.
  3. Setup payroll deductions each pay period into a high-interest savings account.
  4. Leverage rewards accounts at Centric-the more you save, the more you earn
  5. Trim debt and live minimally—really consider wants in your budget and how trimming the expense could grow your savings. Consider giving up dining out for 6 months or selling unwanted items at home.

There are several ways to boost your savings but the most important thing to consider is how we feel about money. If we are seeking more money to bring us joy, this could be a roller-coaster of a ride. You’re sure to have an increased credit score and savings for unexpected expenses when you learn to maximize savings for a healthy financial future—now that’s something to smile about.

If you’d like to increase your savings, evaluate your savings plan, contact us online or call us at 318-340-9656 to learn more.


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