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Must Do | Credit Report Review

Mar 28, 2019

What is it that only 1 in 9 Americans are currently doing? Reviewing their credit report!

Each of us is due a free credit report annually. If you’re not a financial guru, reviewing all of the data can be confusing.

I encourage you to check the top three items when reviewing your credit report:

First up—ensure all items like your name, social security number, address- both past and present are reporting correctly. Check for spellings and other name associations that may or may not be correct.

Second—Note all items reporting from the financial standpoint. If you notice a creditor that you’ve never done business with, file a dispute with the credit bureau and contact the creditor for details.

Lastly—Review the payment history, amounts paid and the time of payments received. Note—if any information is incorrect get to the bottom of it immediately.

Keeping a check on your credit report could save you hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars for buys in the future. Credit scores may affect interest rates, leasing and buying abilities and much more.

Our members are taking advantage of the credit report review offered at Centric. This is an opportunity for you to sit with a loan officer and discuss all of the items reported. Your credit report is a vital piece of information that could possibly report information in error. Centric realizes how important the credit report is for our members.

Centric loan officers are available at all four locations from Monday – Friday and on Saturday at Thomas Road. We strive to help you live better and are eager to serve you.

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