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Planning A Grocery Budget for Families On-the-Go – Part One

Sep 13, 2019

You’ve all seen that shirt – “Mommin’ Ain’t Easy”…  You get off work at 5, pick the kids up, get home, and start on homework. You have an hour before your six-year-old has to be at practice. So, what’s for dinner?

While stopping by your favorite fast food place would likely be the easiest option, it’s usually not the most budget-friendly or healthiest option. Simply carving out some time each week to plan ahead can help you reap the positive benefits each day. Meal planning has been shown to help families save money and reduce stress – that’s a big win in our book!

Create a grocery budget.
Figure out how much money you can spend on groceries for the week, or even the month. This can also include how much money you spend on eating out. It’s okay to plan to grab something quick on a day your limited for time — just make sure to account for that in your budget!

Start with your schedule.
Let’s say you have ball practice at 6:30 on Tuesdays, church at 7 on Wednesdays, and then dance at 4 on Fridays. Due to time restraints, you’re going to have to have something planned and prepped ahead of time for those three days.

Plan your meals.
Choose a time to sit down and plan out 4-5 dinners for the week. Make a calendar of your week’s events and your designated meals for that week. Be sure to consider how much time you’ll have each day.

Make a list.
Make a grocery list based on the meals you’ve planned for the week. Take inventory of staples that you already have in your pantry and what you’ll need to purchase. Save money by shopping for brands that are on sale or might have a coupon you can use. Grocery pickup at your favorite store is a great tool for staying within your budget… You can avoid the temptation of those cookies you saw staring you down on aisle three!

You’ve got this, mom! Not only will you cut costs, but you may experience health benefits, as well. Who doesn’t love that? What are you waiting for?! Get to planning! Be on the lookout for great ways to maximize your budget and tips for handy apps to download and more.

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