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Tax Prep Checklist

Dec 27, 2018 | Uncategorized

Before filing your taxes, it is important to think about everything you need to proceed. 

Check out this helpful list found on IRS.com to help you prepare to file this year’s tax return!  As you are preparing, check to make sure you have the following:

  • Personal Information | The IRS needs to know who is filing the tax return, as well as how many people are covered on it.
  • Income Information |Specific documents are needed to help you prepare all the income information that you need to file a federal tax return.
  • Income Adjustments | Adjustments can help reduce how much you owe in taxes, and in turn, increase your chance of receiving a tax refund.
  • Tax Preparation for Credits and Deductions | There are many tax credits and tax deductions for various expenses, which are designed to help lower the amount of tax that an individual has to pay.
  • Direct Deposit | Are you interested in having your tax refund directly deposited into your bank account? If so, you will only need a few things!

Read the full article with specific examples at https://www.irs.com/articles/tax-form-checklist.

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