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Ways to Grow Your Emergency Fund

Jan 3, 2019 | Uncategorized

These tips from Dave Ramsey are applicable in encouraging you to accomplish that emergency fund goal of yours!

Check out these 9 tips that teach you how to grow your funds:

  • Get a second job. Side hustles, weekend work and odd jobs are perfect ways to grow your emergency fund fast.
  • Sell your junk. All that junk in your closet/attic. It’s worth something. Have a yard sale or sell it online.
  • Stop eating out. Meal planning makes money goals come true. Use Sunday to shop and plan your meals for the week.
  • Carpool more often. Gas ain’t cheap. Neither are car repairs. Switch of driving to work every other week with a friend.
  • Kick the costly habits. A $4 Starbucks latte 5 days/wk adds up quick. Get your caffeine at home.
  • Ditch cable. Cable is not cheap. Plus it’s a waste of time. Spend more time with family or learning a new skill.
  • Get a piggy bank. Your spare change and loose bills deserve a home. Over time this piggy will have an impact on your emergency fund.
  • Buy used. Check out the classifieds, browse Craiglist and Ebay, or visit local resale shops.
  • Use your energy. Take your skills and put them to use (for money).

You can turn your emergency expenses into inconveniences with an established emergency fund! Learn more from Dave Ramsey at daveramsey.com

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