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10 Signs of Too Much Debt

10 Signs of Too Much Debt April 3, 2019 A limited amount of debt isn’t bad, but excessive debt delays you from reaching your goals. With patience and control, you can achieve balance in the future. You spend more than 20% of your net (after-tax) income to pay off car...

Having The MONEY Talk With Your Kiddos

Having The MONEY Talk With Your Kiddos April 3, 2019 So often, I visit with friends who wish their family was in a much better financial state. The common complaint ‘I was never taught how to manage money and I’m feeling the effects, now!’ Honestly, that’s the cold,...

Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring Clean Your Finances April 2, 2019 Start with your budgetGo over your spending for the last several monthsAdjust your budget if you come to a problem spending areaClean up your accountsConsolidate or organize your accountsGet rid of unused accounts or any that...
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