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Episode 210: From House to Home

Episode 210: From House to Home September 27, 2021     From House to Home featuring Special Guest Victoria Sullivan This month we sat down with one of Centric’s Mortgage Loan Originators and our Market Development Specialist, Victoria Sullivan, to talk about the...

From House to Home

From House to Home September 10, 2021 by Carmen Gonzalez Mortgage rates have been low for a while now which has encouraged more and more people to buy a new house. With more people in the market to buy a new house, it has become super important to be prepared before...

Episode 209: School’s In

Episode 209: School’s In September 2, 2021   School’s In with Special Guest Melanie Moffett With the start of a new school year, normalcy begins to enter all of our schedules again. Routines are being set as homework is sent home and extracurricular...
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