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EOY Financial Checklist

EOY Financial Checklist October 31, 2018 The end-of-the-year can bring wonderful joy of friends, family and celebration of holidays. It’s easy to overlook year-end financial details, so, Centric federal credit union has partnered with Massingale and Associates to...

Tips to Staying Debt-Free This Christmas

Tips to Staying Debt-Free This Christmas October 11, 2018 It is easy to fall into debt when it comes to Christmas expenses! See tips below to fund a Christmas budget with cash money and ways in which to save during this upcoming season! -Know your budget. Create a...

Top 5 Benefits of Smiling

Top 5 Benefits of Smiling October 1, 2018 As simple as it sounds, smiling has many physical and physiological benefits. Here are the top tips: Eliminates PainStudies show your facial expressions can enhance or reduce your experience emotionallyFights Off StressSmiling...
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